HitRate Boxing

About the session

Limited to 8 people this is the ultimate group training session. Designed in conjunction with 7 time NZ boxing champ Barry Slater this is a  high energy, fast tempo workout, mixing a traditional boxing training approach with the latest exercise conditioning techniques.

Session last for 40 minutes and you will be encouraged to push yourself to get the most out of your session.  No matter what your current fitness level is you will get a great workout while learning the fundamental skills of boxing.

The instructor

Damian is a qualified personal trainer and a registered exercise professional. Damian has been a competitive boxer but it was the fitness qualities of boxing that drew him to the gym.  ”What I love about these sessions is that they challenge you mind as much as your body. You can get so caught up in the boxing combinations and trying to improve your technique that you stop clock watching and get lost in the training method. It’s a great stress relief and participants are learning a new skill as they get fit”.


Cost is $15


Mobile 027-4858-326

When and where

Every Monday at 6:30pm,  Tuesday & Thursday at 9:15am and Wednesday at 6:30 am and Thursday at 6 pm.