Personal Training

Damian Simpson (B.Sc, REPs)

Damian is a qualified personal trainer and a registered exercise professional. Drawing experience from competitive boxing, distance running and a variety of team sports he utilises his gym, now at the Sumner Rugby Club, along with the surrounding beaches, and parks to design training sessions for his clients that are diverse, stimulating, challenging, rewarding and, most importantly, get great results. Damian switched from a career in corporate management to pursue his passion for training. It is this infectious enthusiasm that encourages his clients – motivating and inspiring them to lead more balanced and active lives


One hour Personal Training $80
45 minutes Personal Training $65

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Why Personal Training Works

Here is what my clients say about why Personal Training  works for them….

“It gives me accountability. Having that appointment makes all the difference, especially on days I don’t feel like doing anything-and know left to my own devices wouldn’t!”

“I workout more effectively and efficiently with Damian.  I get done twice as much in half the length of time”

“I like the feeling of not being on my own in this. It is a team effort between us. We have coaches and mentors in other areas of our lives, I figure the most important one of health and fitness should be no different.”

“Having Damian to work with means I am always learning something new and not getting stale with my workouts. He also keeps me updated with current trends and cuts through all the confusion about what to eat and how to exercise”

“Damian keeps me on track in what is the most important part of my life – being healthy and having energy. If I am not in good shape I can’t possibly be much help to my family or work colleagues”

“Spending time with Damian always lifts me physically and emotionally. Mentally I am much more alert and feel in control. This sounds a bit sad but sometimes my PT session is the highlight of my day!”