The Sunrise Workouts

About the class

Forget the short term “fix” of  bootcamps and start the healthy habit of an ongoing exercise programme. These workouts are designed so that your entire body gets a full workout using free weights, medicine balls and a host of  other gym equipment. When the weather is fine we take the workout outside (it could even be mistaken for a bootcamp) and make use of the wide open spaces, when it is cold and wet we enjoy the shelter of the gym and utlise the equipment inside.

During the sessions we include short, high intensity intervals of aerobic work to keep your heart rate up and floor exercises to ensure you get a great “core” workout. No two sessions are the same so you will be kept guessing at each session as to what will be coming next!

The workout changes regularly so that your fitness does not “plateau” ensuring your body will be challenged in a whole new way giving you the opportunity to increase your fitness gains.

The Instructor

Damian is a qualified personal trainer and a registered exercise professional. Drawing experience from competitive boxing, distance running and a variety of team sports he utilises his gym along with the surrounding beaches, hills and parks to design training sessions for his clients that are diverse, stimulating, challenging, rewarding and, most importantly, get great results. Damian switched from a career in corporate management to pursue his passion for training. It is this infectious enthusiasm that encourages his clients – motivating and inspiring them to lead more balanced and active lives

Phone or txt : 027 4858 326


$60 for 6 sessions (You do not need to come to consecutive classes)

Where and When?

Monday and Wednesday @ 6:30 am. Run at the Sumner Rugby Club.