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The “Diceman”

Get two dice. No 1 = Push ups, 2 =  Squats (advanced Jumping squats), 3 =  Crunches (advanced Toe touches), 4 = Burpees, 5 = Bench dips, 6 = Lunges (advanced jumping lunges)

Throw one dice and the number is the exercise. Throw both dice and this is the number of reps you perform.

Set a clock and work solidly for either 10, 15 or 20 minutes.

Deck of Cards

Shuffle the pack and place it face down. Lift the first card and begin. Make your way through the entire deck to complete your workout.

  • Face cards (jack, queen, king) – complete 10 repetitions
  • Ace – 10 Burpees
  • Diamonds – pushups
  • Hearts – lunges
  • Spades – crunches
  • Clubs – reverse crunch

Use the suit of the card to determine the exercise, then the number on the card to decide the amount of repetitions you will do.


  1. Card one: 3 of hearts – you will do 3 lunges
  2. Card two: jack of spades – 10 crunches
  3. Card three: ace of diamonds – take a 1 minute break
  4. Card four: 9 of clubs – 9 reverse crunches

Next time you do the workout try and beat your previous time. You can also try different lunges (walking, reverse, stationary with rear leg elevated) or add in any exercise you want to challenge yourself with.

Workouts with video:

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